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"4 Steps for Using Facebook & Instagram Ads to Generate High-Quality Leads for Off Plan Properties, and Close 2-5 Deals Per Agent Every Month with Predictability"

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Presented by:

Daniel Rakhubovskyy

Free Video Training Reveals:

Why Facebook & Instagram are the best platforms to find qualified buyers for your projects with literally zero competition

A Proven 4-Step Process to generate high-quality leads for off-plan projects & turn them into appointments & sales with predictability

How to target local & international property buyers using a simple 3-Layer Targeting Formula

How to craft a Unique Value Proposition for your real estate project that attracts potential buyers to you instead of you chasing them

CASE STUDY: How a sales team of 3 used this exact process to sell 24 off-plan homes in Oman to international buyers in 4 months using Facebook & Instagram ads

Why outsourcing your lead generation to marketing companies can be very dangerous for your business

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